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Nasan Tur


2004 | video | colour | sound | 6'40 | looped

copyright Nasan Tur


2005 | light installation in a public place | three animated follow spots

Production Suspended spaces

The video A Place consists of a long static shot of an area filled with shrubs and brush, a no man’s land between a motorway and a railway. The soundtrack is the noise of traffic. Shadows, like indefinable and yet evident movements, can be seen in these shrubs. The visual and acoustic features of this piece of landscape suggest a place where human presence is full of tensions. The movements of furtive bodies conjure up people hiding, homeless persons, illegal immigrants, traffickers, sex workers…

The installation Shine offers a reflection on the public place. Once night has fallen, two circles of light sweep across the esplanade in front of the Maison de la Culture in Amiens. Moving at changing speeds, these two circles peer into the place, lighting up a few passers-by crossing the square. They conjure up both the spotlights you find in prison yards, and those found at certain borders, as well as the “follow spots” on theatre stages which isolate actors and singers by precisely following their movements. Taking as his object a space where trajectories intersect and people meet one another, Nasan Tur invites the imaginations of anonymous passers-by to temporarily share the experience of being in the (lime)light.

Charlène Dinhut - Françoise Parfait - Eric Valette

Translated by Simon Pleasance & Fronza Woods