Suspended spaces#2

Suspended Spaces # 3– Inachever la modernité

Beaux-Arts de Paris éditions



15 x 21 cm (softcover)

335 pages (color ill.)

ISBN: 978-2-84056-456-0

EAN: 9782840564560

Contributions by Basma Alsharif, Ziad Antar, Leonor Antunes, George Arbid, Marwa Arsanios, Kader Attia, Stefanie Baumann, François Bellenger, Filip Berte, Cécile Bourgade, Denis Briand, Stéphanie Dadour, Farès el-Dahdah, Habib Debs, Marcel Dinahet, Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Barbara Formis, Maïder Fortuné, Geneviève Fraisse, Marion Hohlfeldt, Pedro Hussak Ramos, Pierre-Damien Huyghe, Hatem Imam, Sandra Iché, Lamia Joreige, Valérie Jouve, Jan Kopp, Jacinto Lageira, Lia Lapithi, Daniel Lê, Ghassan Maasri, André Parente, Françoise Parfait, Caecilia Pieri, Mousbah Rajab, Mira Sanders, Delfim Sardo, Jad Tabet, Simon Texier, Éric Valette, Christophe Viart

The Suspended spaces collective has worked for the past two years on an architectural ensemble of Oscar Niemeyer : the Rashid Karamé International Fair of Tripoli, in Lebanon. The construction of this modern project began in 1962 and was never completed. The beginning of the civil war in 1975 had frozen the site in its incomplete state. 

What can be done now with this architectural heritage? The gaze, the attention that we have brought to these places, the works which have been carried out in connection with the site, contribute to the understanding of issues of such a space in suspense.

The discussions developed in Beirut and Paris, the intervowen experiences  in Cyprus, Lebanon, and Brazil, stressed on how much we are the children of a common modernity, but also how much we have often been blind to the diversity of its manifestations. 

This book, the third in a  series begun in 2010, brings toghether twenty three artists and nineteen researchers.  

Inachever (to unfinish) : continue to act and imagine with these spaces out of use, these worn concepts, this pierced History which provides contradictions and violence.

Suspended spaces # 3

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